Dear readers,

Yes, it's been a while! How are you doing? Are you healthy at home or are you one of the heroes who are essential to the preservation of our modern socio-economic structure? 

Whichever you are, thank you for your sacrifices. When this is all done, I'd love to give all of you an enthusiastic, albeit socially distant, "wi-five." (Wi-five (n.): originally coined when a member of our household was too ill to give a high five to his brother, so they invented the "wi-five" where you give an imaginary simultaneous high five to another from across the room.)

As for me, I've been home working like a little worker bee, photographing books, writing book descriptions, watching online workshops about how to do everything better, pinning daily, tweeting daily, listing daily, shipping daily, and on and on.

When I'm not working, though, I'm taking long walks through my new neighborhood where I see all of these lovely rainbow drawings. Are they doing this in all cities? The kids who are stuck at home here have been encouraged to draw rainbows to remind people that after rain, there's always a rainbow. 

I'm usually a little bit cynical about such planned things, but each rainbow I see has been a reminder that there is life beyond the brick walls and eventually we'll all get to go outside again and mingle. And I can be cynical again when it's all over and people feel too near to my shy little self. 

In the meantime, here's a rainbow I found in one of my books. It's a rainbow to say, to quote my governor, "We're gonna get through this; we're gonna get through this together," and to say thank you for being my rainbow. Your support during this time has been incredible. It's kept my panic at bay and my spirits up high. To thank you, I'm offering a secret sale just for you! The code is RAINBOW and it will get you 30% off!

Until next time, stay safe,