Oh dear, it's been a while again hasn't it? I love to write, but I get so caught up in other things that I rarely take time to share my tiny part of the world. 

So what's happening in my world? Well, just a month ago, the river flooded my neighbor's land and forced him to move everything he owned onto a nearby neighbor's hill. There was a terrible storm and freezing temperatures and some days I couldn't leave the house because the roads were frozen or flooded. 

But today, everything is calm. There's a gentle breeze and sunshine and right on time, the Lent lilies have pushed their way through last fall's leaves and opened up in bloom. The Dutchman's breeches blow in the breeze. And we'll soon get to see if the dogwood we planted last year survived record-breaking low temps and flood levels of rain. 

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep my New Year's promise to use it or lose it and it's no easy task, especially when I still feel like it's winter time and I'd like to hibernate. But the longer days mean that I'm having fewer days where I ask myself, "Is the day over already?" And it means that I'll soon have days where I ask, "Is the day over yet?"

So, welcome to Spring!  Easter’s just 2 weeks away and Mother’s Day is right around the corner from there! So let’s get hopping and enjoy the fresh, new weather!