Happy New Year!

Welcome! It's a new year, so it's a very exciting time for me. Every year, I make a list of things I want to accomplish and things I want to own. I used to make resolutions, but I've read that resolutions don't work, so I've started adapting a motto for each year. 

Last year's motto was Let's Get Small. So last year was a year of minimizing and it was semi-successful. I got rid of a lot of stuff and curbed my impulse purchases a little bit. (Hello, yarn and fabric stashes! You seem so small and deserted!)

My follow-up motto for this year is Use It or Lose It! I had thought of starting off the year with a vow to only make purchases that were absolutely necessary or that were only for other people, but I've seen how that goes for other bloggers and I knew I'd abandon that idea in a matter of weeks. 

Therefore, I can still make purchases, but I have to Use It or Lose It! All those craft books on my shelves, I have to use or lose. All those balls of yarn, I have to use or lose. All those yards of fabric in my stash, I have to use or lose. All that time I spend unproductively, I have to use or lose. This blog that I so often neglect, I have to use or lose! 

So, my new motto applies to time management as well as possessions, because I think somehow the two are linked. I'll share my progress with you here! In the meantime, tell me your motto or goals for the new year! Maybe you'll inspire next year's motto for me!