Dear Readers,

I've been a homeschooling mom for almost 10 years now and the return of the school season still takes me by surprise. This year I'm adding to my workload by leading a group of young students in Language Arts and History. I'm very excited, because I love my subject matter (Books!), but, to be perfectly honest, I'm also a little bit nervous. I hope to do the best for these children and to guide them to be good little citizens and good little writers and proper little humans.

As I learn, I hope to share a few things on this blog, too. This week, we're learning about Christopher Columbus. So I'm getting the students to read the first entry in The Writings of Christopher Columbus. It's a passionate, enthusiastic letter to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella explaining the purpose of the journal he kept of his journeys. 

I'm going to get the kids in my class to write similar letters to their parents to begin their Reading Response Journals. I hope they'll be just as passionate and grandiose as Columbus in their letters describing their proposed literary journey.

Of course, as I discover more free books that help with my classroom, I'll share them with you!