Dear Readers,

There have been kitten sightings! The mother has moved the little ones to a hollow tree away from our porch. They seem happy and healthy and not terribly afraid of humans. So when they're old enough, we'll raise them as our own and, of course, get them all neutered or spayed.

I kind of miss the little kittens, but there are two creatures who live on the porch who are probably very happy that the kittens are gone.

They're my brand new bunnies! I have one male rex and one female dutch. They're really for my kids, to teach them responsibility and empathy, or whatever the current wisdom is about the value of children and pets. 

The bunnies are growing very quickly and within a year we hope to breed the pair, but I'll spare you the details about what we'll do with their children, although I might share some recipes if I can desensitize myself to their gruesome plight.

In the meantime, have a hoppy Spring! (I do enjoy a good bit of bunny punning.)



ps. image is from the book, Baby Bunnies, available here.