Curious George Learns the Alphabet 

By Margret and H A Rey

In this Curious George book, George’s catastrophic curiosity leads him to books. As an adventure, it’s pretty low on chaos, but as an alphabet book, it’s absolutely wonderful. The illustrations are perfect! And I love the way that Rey turned the letters into pictures.

This book is special to me because it was one of the first books my son could read. He loved the words that George made up, especially “blimlimlim.” He loved the mix up with the doughnuts. And he loved the little parenthetical illustrations that referenced other Curious George stories that he knew.

It also taught my son how fun it is to rip up books! (Fortunately that was a short-term problem.)

Just click the link at the top to view a few images from a First Edition copy that I’m currently carrying in my shop!